Day 8: A very long day

Sometimes things do not go according to plan. Yesterday was a rough day at sea …and along with excursions returning late, the ferry was about 40 minutes delayed.  As no one was getting off the ferry at Berlevåg, the captain made the decision not to put down the passenger gangway but instead to drop off one piece of cargo and proceed.  That was to be our last evening relief was at 21.45. We had to wait up till the next port call at 00.45.  We were all dressed and ready to go once the gangway was down – and we knew they would open as there was an overnight snowmobile excursion to the next town. Very brave hoomans!

We didn’t get to bed till about 1.30am!

The next morning, we arrived in Hammerfest – for a two-hour stopover and we went out for a long walk into town.Hammerfest is the northernmost city in Norway – though the town Honningsvåg is geographically higher, but its not really a city. Apparently, the debate continues!The snow was deep here! If only I was off leash, I would be hopping and rolling around in the powdery snowBut was not. Mummy was worried that in our craziness we could leap over the edge.

Look another dog! And we shall bark at it – Hello! Hello!We haven’t seen another in quite a while! We were wondering if there were others up this far. Answer is yes – we saw a few more in Hammerfest- definitely a big city! 🙂

But there were other four-legged creatures in this town – Polar Bears!And George was really worried when Mummy asked him to pose.  He’s bite size hors d’oeuvre for Mr. Bear.Another port of call or as Mummy calls it – a pit stop at Skjervøy! All 30 minutes of it.

And before the night was over – Mummy left us once  again after our last walk at 23.45 – she’s going to a concert at Midnight?!?!?!

So it was technically a very long day though there was hardly any daylight.

May’s comment: Our return journey had begun. Backtracking but stopping at different ports. We’re on our way back to Tromso – and will be attending a Midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral.

Just trying some things – that I hadn’t yet. As the cruise is fast coming to an end – so it was time to try out some special flavoured ice-cream.  Some were amazing good – the Brown cheese and not others – Stockfish.NO!!!

More later …. need to go to a fashion show – LOL! The crew is presenting Norwegian fashion – such good sports!

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