Quiet celebrations …

Is that an oxymoron?

Mum and Sylvia having another hurrah for their 60th before 2019 is over but this time – in a quiet contemplative stay at Soho Farmhouse.

And lucky me got to go along …

I remember this place from when we were there in January,

but the last time we didn’t get to see The Piglets!

What a funny name! This is where Sylvia stayed.

We stayed in the Garden House rooms …

Our room this time is very different to our cabin in January.

And there was a bathtub! We’re missing a bathtub at home so every time there’s one in a hotel room, she intends to enjoy it!

The view in the back …

They had a “little” bed for me – LOL!

And some home-made treats of carob and cinnamon..

And while Mum was running the bath,

we made a fire and listened to classical music.

I couldn’t go with Mum to dinner so I guess I got to enjoy the fire till it died down.

After they had finished dinner, Mum came to get me for a last walk.

The next morning, the “Milkman” had delivered some milk for our morning coffee and tea.

We walked past the Farm House

Did my posing but was quickly interrupted …

A Squirrel!!!!!

This place caters to a hoomans of every size …

But none for me!

Mum took me with her to the Main Barn for breakfast.

But I had to stay in the reception area where Mum could see me.

But the message wasn’t very reassuring.
Can you see me?

After breakfast and before we left to go home, we took more walks …

Met Jacob – one of the horses in the stables.

Walked past the vegetable gardens

Along paved paths … yes, this is the city folk’s country side.

Streams …

Walking and talking

Amidst the autumn colours

And all too soon, it was time to leave …

Back on the bus to the Gate House – and on our way back to London.

Thank you again for a lovely stay albeit very short.

May’s comment: A fab place to go to unwind. Immediately on arrival, all I want to do is go to the room and have a hot bath. We were greeted with soothing classical music.

This time I realised that there are two places where I can dine with Darcy.

The Mill Barn.

The deli is a good place to hang out.

Will always come back for time away – not too far from London and a good place to escape to.

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