We do cuddles

Every year these two lovely friends from America come to London –

And every year they always take time out to say hello –

And really it’s because they need some cuddles. LOL!

It would be just about the right time that they are starting to miss their own poos back in the States.

And we happily oblige. George is a defo! And I am just there – waiting for a crumb.

May’s comment: We met Teresa and Jeanne through our blog and met up for the first time three years ago. Since then we have seen them every year, sometimes twice.

We are grateful for the many friends who passes by and whom we get to meet on our travels. This is one of the many joys we receive through writing and sharing our stories. Thank you for reading about our adventures and thank you for being a cyber friend.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Lucky Teresa and Jeanne to get hugs from Darcy and George! I know that helps them mend until they get back to their babies.

  2. Cheryl

    Oh I’m a bit jealous! One of these trips I’ll get a chance to have cuddles with Darcy and George!

  3. Teresa Sarno

    Dear Miss D & George,
    Thank you so much for meeting for coffee and give MUCH needed cuddles….you have figured me and Jeanne out…LOL, truth be told we love to see you both AND your Mum whose company we very much enjoy each visit! May, thank you very much for always making time to visit with us!

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