This world is too BIG for me

I need to go back to the vet this morning for some x-rays to determine what I’ve done to my leg.

Darcy went with me …

We got int he car in my new booster seat.We’re trying everything these days!

I remembered when I came here yesterday, the vet made me feel better with some pain killers. So maybe he will make me better again. But I was left and Mum left with Darcy.

Darcy: Will he be alright, Mum?

And off they went for a jolly!

Mum came back a few hours later to pick me up and the Vet gave her the news. There are no fractures but I’ve done a good job with my ligaments.  It didn’t come as a surprise to her, as she was reading up about it last night and all my symptoms pointed in that direction. This was a confirmation.

I was given pain killers and to take it with food everyday for a week and then back to the vet for an assessment and decide how to treat those torn ligaments.

That means I have to walk on lead (Mum says, this is another reason to keep you on the lead!!!)  No more squirrelling!!! Waaaah! (Mum says – YUP! That’s right!) and no climbing stairs (Mum says, WHAAAT? I have to carry you each time?!?!?!)  – and no jumping on the bed! ( Mum says – How do we stop that?) This world is way too big for me.

Now I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. 🙁

May’s comment: The x-rays showed he has torn his cruciate ligaments.  The cruciate ligaments are two structures that run between the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee and help support the joint. One of the ligaments runs from the front of the shin bone to the back of the thigh bone. This is the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) or as in humans, the ACL.

Cruciate injuries may appear to be sudden resulting from an acute injury, but most are actually the result of degenerative processes in the CCL. (

George has often limped along and we’ve always thought it was a luxating patella. Maybe it was always this and whatever happened on Sunday, brought it on. We have a week of pain killers – so he can put weight on his back right leg. By the evening when the pain-killer wears off, he is limping again. So it looks like it’s not going away. No, the ligaments do not repair themselves – just that in the past whenever he limped, he got over it. This time it’s not.

Funny thing, maybe coincidental. I’ve been planning a move to a ground floor flat next year – really for myself, my knees especially. Now this is another reason – so George doesn’t have to do stairs. All growing old together.


  1. Sarah Johnson

    Poor wee George.
    Orvis do steps which you put by the side of your bed so the dog can climb up onto it.

  2. Laura Cordovano

    Poor George! Just as he was getting on with the ladies too. Will he have to have surgery?

  3. Jill Keiser

    Please keep us in the loop on how the vet is going to treat little George! We have to see him so impaired.

  4. Anne Thornber

    Get better soon George – Love Brandy xx

  5. Margaret Danks

    Poor little Georgie. Hugs from Maggiedog and I ?❤️

  6. Clare

    Oh dear little George…feel better & brighter soon x???x

  7. Maree

    Oh george feeling your pain sending you lots of love and healing ???? Maya and Fern

  8. Cheryl

    Poor George! Prayers you feel better soon!!

  9. Annabel Phillips

    Oh darling Georgi,
    I’m so sad you are in pain, my mummy and daddy are also upset to see you in so much pain, I wish you a speedy recovery so we can play together soon

    Licks from Stanley

  10. Elaine Craigen

    Poor George hope he feels better soon. Lots of cuddles and TLC from Mummy and Darcy.xx??

  11. Liz Burman

    Dear Georgie, I do hope the dogtor can repair your leg very soon. Luvs Elsie???

  12. Alicia

    Aww, poor George. 🙁 He needs a ramp to get up on the bed now. Sending love, hugs, and healing thoughts from the other side of the pond.

  13. Maree white

    Oh poor George. My Simba did both of his within 18 months. Surgery for both. One was done by the local vet with a poor outcome. The 2nd time we used a specialist vet surgeon. Fantastic result the 2nd time. Best

  14. Lucy Cronin

    Feel so bad for George! He is such a sweetheart. ❤️❤️❤️ Lucy & Luca

  15. Liz Burman

    Have you thought of Fitzpatrick Referrals (Super vet)? If I lived in the UK that’s where I would take Elsie. They are at Godalming in Surrey. Not sure how convenient that would be for you.

    • Miss Darcy

      There are equally good hospitals in London – his is for quite extreme cases. If our vet thinks we should go there I will in a jiffy. If not to meet the great man himself ?

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