Hondenliefhebbers van Holland

Yes, I spelt that long word all by myself!!!

On Sunday we met Anniek and Tim from the Netherlands.  IMG_6034They have a cockapoo back home but they did not bring him along. Instead they asked if they could meet us because they have never met another cockapoo where they live!!!  Mummy happily obliged.

So off we went to meet them at the ever so dog-friendly Henry Root. IMG_6067We also had Charlie just so they could see how different and similar we are.

And just as we arrived there, Freddy was also at Henry Root – he’s a regular.IMG_6005We got to know Anniek and Tim. We could do no wrong by them! 🙂IMG_6051 Whatever we did …IMG_6052 They just thought we were the cutest! IMG_6060Mummy was appalled!!! LOL!

I got lots of hugsIMG_6026 So did Charlie. IMG_6042Anniek and Tim thinks he looks a lot like their Cockapoo, Tico.

They told us about Tico’s story …248306_1893301465725_490854_nHe came to them from a rescue called Hond Zoek Huis (Dogs Looking for Homes).  They did not know what type of breed he was.  Then one day Annieka saw a cockapoo on the internet.  Voila!!!

Tico was found on the streets in Spain. He was abandoned by his owners from England. When he was found, Tico had a tumour the size of a tennis ball under his chin.  But that was five years ago.11062060_10205672022033305_4046412878945480340_n

Today, Tico is ten years old and he is as happy as can be in his forever home. 11052026_10205672022193309_3504808997090583639_nAnd since there are no other cockapoos to play with, he has a rabbit for a friend. LOL!!!  11116372_10205672021073281_6946861482483805090_oThey are even the same colour.  Oh Tico, we so look forward to meeting you.11351494_10205672024113357_4244746973932497525_nP.S. We think Anniek is ready for cockapoo number 2!!! LOL! And they want to rescue one. 🙂10645043_10205673748116456_8415017452263824912_n

May’s comment: We met Anniek and Tim through Facebook at Cockapoo Nederland and they read our blog 🙂 So lovely to have met them.IMG_6074

Last year when we were almost stranded in Amsterdam on our way to Berlin, we met Xander who has a Labradoodle.  He also had never met a Cockapoo. Guess Cockapoos are not as rampant in the Netherlands as they are over here. Can’t walk the streets in London and not run into one!

So now we’re planning a cockapoo meet in London for Tico and other Dutch Cockapoos who might want to come to our Hyde Park meet at the end of each month! It would be so much fun!!!  All Dutch cockapoos will have to wear an orange ribbon.  Then we can all go to a dog friendly cafe for lunch!  Planning in the works – if anyone’s interested!

Eurovision, we will “Build Bridges” via Cockapoos and all doodles!


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