We’re in the wild West

Red Indians in London?!?!?! Did Mummy and Impostor bring them back from America?

Oh, I see …
IMG_0182They have funny quotes around the restaurant. We like this one …IMG_0186 And this …IMG_0188 So what sort of food do they serve here?IMG_0193 All gone?!?!?!?IMG_0191 Well, thanks for sharing.IMG_0194May’s comment:  A new dog-friendly “canteen” in the neighbourhood … A Wanted ManIMG_0195AWM is an espresso canteen – or that’s what it says but it is more than that. And it isn’t another healthy juice bar either.

While the Wild West theme sets it apart from all the restaurants on the neighbourhood, their menu is completely different and unexpected. IMG_0181

Yes, they have coffee, or rather espresso but not just any coffee but Common Man.  I opted for an avocado salad  – not another avocado toast on gluten-free bread, but a salad of different vegetables, with a boiled egg, half an avocado and a sprinkling of interesting crisps on top of it.

And we find out the space also has  Browhaus and Ministry of Waxing upstairs!  We haven’t tried that yet!  It’s really like an emporium of different things of beauty, spa and food!  Sound alike a good combination.

AVM is part of the Singaporean Spa Esprit group. It that has 17 food and beauty outlets across 9 cities worldwide.

Located at: 330 King’s Road, London SW3 5UR. Telephone 020 7351 5121

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  1. Sherry Decell

    YEA………Discovering your blog has made my morning……….Already a long hot summer in middle Georgia…… emotions are running high in America….what’s new ??? Right
    Thanks for your sweet inspiration…I cannot wait to catch – up on all I’ve missed…
    Bye Bye, Miss Darcy….

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