L’escargot, Georgie?

As in snails, Porgie!

We went for dinner at L’Escargot last evening – our pre-Christmas dinner with Jacqui and Miuccia IMG_8694 We were greeted by the maitre’d …IMG_8697Who walked us to our tableIMG_8699 And we were brought a bowl of water almost immediatelyIMG_8701Mummy showed me the menu which states proudly that they are “Les amis du chienIMG_8708Mummy had escargot – and I got to see what it looks like after it’s been cooked.  Hmm. I didn’t care for it.
IMG_8717I’ve never had one before – according to Mummy thinks. As for George, he might have had a few when he was Bobo of Hungary. And they’re definitely not as fast as the squirrels so they’re easy prey. LOL!

It was truly a French evening – boeuf bourguignonIMG_8718And thankfully, they didn’t have red velvet on the menu!!! IMG_8727It was a really lovely evening to have shared with Miuccia and Jacqui in a lovely restaurant that makes us feel welcomed.
IMG_8736But when we left the restaurant, it was about the time the West End shows were finishing and to make matters word, it was raining. We had to walk a bit further to catch a taxi – but we did find one.
IMG_8742It was truly raining hard outside so we were very thankful that he stopped for us.
IMG_8747 The driver felt sorry for me and George – he told Mummy. She was just incidental. LOL!

Here’s George – after arriving home, rubbing himself down on the stair landing after we got our coats off.IMG_8751A bit exaggerated!

May’s comment: We have been spreading our wings and discovering more and more dog friendly restaurants (not just pubs) in London and to our delight, we are finding them in places we never thought of.  Loving London even more!

L’Escargot is French fine dining classics in a converted Soho townhouse with artworks by Miro, Warhol and Picasso.  Address: 48 Greek St, London W1D 4EFIMG_8703

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