What did you do this weekend?

We went to meet our Camber Sands doodle friends on the Doodle Express!!!!

Getting ready to board The Doodle Express The journey began in Dungeness

At 11.00 am on a bright sunny Sunday, it was – All on board!!!Better get on board, Mum! Here are some of our fellow doodle and hooman passengers: Here we go!

Are we there yet? DeDe is a bit bored.

We arrived at New Romney and we all got off the train to stretch our legs –

probably more for the hoomans because the train was doggy, rather child size – LOL!  And that was when got a good view of all the amazing costumes!!! And it was time for a group picture!After a little wander and relief – it was time to get back on this choo-choo train called The Bug!Bertie looking for his mum!Can I sit with you?We arrived back at Dungeness and made our way to lunch at The Pilot Inn George getting a cuddle – he was limping and not feeling himself, and Mum looking through all the pics – deciding which ones to use for this blog!Others took their seat – me, I was under the table!!!At one point, some of us decided to have a good bark!!!

What a fab event. So many doodles and their hoomans joined in the fun – so many fun costumes and happiness!  Till next year!

May’s comment:  So this is what we did this weekend!
Here’s a video from Chris – it gives you an essence of the day! It was so fun! Thank you James, Frank, Lyndsey and everyone who made this happen. Christmas festivities have begun!!!!  Woohoo!!!!

This was a Christmas Charity Event in support of Doodle Aid. The train journey was donated by RH&DR Train Company.

We raised over £750+ from sale of train and raffle tickets.

Some of the above photos are from various members of the Camber Sands Doodle Friends – a lovely group of doodle lovers. The group started by James and Frank – after they left London for Rye – and missing our regular Hyde Park Meets. And what a wonderful result in less than a year!


  1. Liz Burman

    What fun! It looks like my idea of a great day out!?

  2. Kathy

    That looked like so much fun! I’m glad it was a great day!

  3. Lyndsey Hayes

    Great you were able to join us May, thanks for a wonderful blog on the event ?

  4. Sandy Exley

    How fabulous. What a great way to soend a Sunday. I am so envious!

  5. Clare Kurdi

    Oh my goodness, all these lovely events! I must get more organised so that Nellie Munchkin & I can join you all! X???X

  6. Sarah litchfield

    Doodles and humans alike all had a great day. Love the blog

  7. Janice Rosen

    We’re in Canterbury and would love to meet up if you’re here again! See us on the fb page Kent Doodle Meets!

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