Sunshine + Doodles = BEST Bank Holiday ever!

And it was the hottest August Bank Holiday on record!

We sat under the shade of a tree and there came lots of doodles …

BIG and small –

Can you tell its hot?


A lot of Tongue Out Tuesday shots!

There was a lot of loving

Well, maybe this wasn’t exactly sincere …

It’s all about the treats!

Hello! Someone new?

That’s a cocker puppy who happened by – and decided to join us.

And four newbies – Molly, Billy, Herbie and Calvin

Molly, an Australian labradoodle
Calvin – a cavapoochon

As hot as it was, there was a lot of frolicking.

As for Theo – he loves Digby.

 Theo really LOVES Digby! LOL!

As for Monty –

He just rather liked rolling around by himself

Winston wondering what he’s doing.

And them he wondered where everyone went.

We had a special visitor at our meet. Emma from Man’s Best Friend Doggy Day Care

She brought us goody bags and explained the services they provide for small and medium sized dogs in Kensington and Chelsea.

George and I have been at doggy day care with Emma and can definitely say – we had a blast!

Speaking of which – what do the next three photos have in common?

Little George was pottering around on his own during the whole meet. He was rather quiet. Only at the end was he sitting with Mum.

He definitely kept away from the BIG doodles – didn’t want to trip them up and have them fall on him again!

But the last Summer meet also meant saying goodbye to two of our friends.

Chester and mum will be moving to Sydney – yes, a very, very long way away –

and he will no longer be a Cavapoo but a Cavoodle!!!

If you know of any Doodle meet-ups in Sydney, please let us know. They would love to meet new friends.

Not as far away as Australia, Bear and her mum Caroline will be moving to Manchester. If anyone reading this post is from that area and have frequent doodle meets, please let us know. Bear – and mum would love to meet other poos.

We wish them both the very best in their new lives, in new cities and hope they meet lots of doodle friends.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

May’s comment: What an absolutely beautiful day. It was hot but we found shade under the trees. The dogs took shade like the hoomans did. And even though we had not expected many since it was after all the last Bank Holiday with school still out, Notting Hill Carnival and it being a very hot day – in the end we still had 30 doodles!

In the shade! LOL!

We’ll see you all again at the end of next month – 29th September.


  1. Liz Burman

    My my that’s a lot of doodles!!?

  2. Cheryl

    Your pictures and commentary are wonderful! I’m so glad everyone, especially the dogs, had a grand time!

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