When nr. 2 came along – Sushi

George’s godmother, Praewa told us about her dogs back in Thailand called Ming Ming and Sushi.  They were both Shih-Tzus.

Ming Ming was her first dog.  They were inseparable.

Sushi came along much later and immediately Ming Ming took on an authoritative manner with Sushi.

Ming Ming regarded Sushi as inexperienced, just a baby and naive.  She took the stance of – let me teach you the ropes on how to get on with life.

And Sushi looked up to Ming Ming and followed her everywhere.

Soon Sushi grew up and she developed her own sense of self.  She was happy, bouncy and very social.  Everyone loved her.

But Ming Ming was getting on in years and couldn’t keep up with Sushi’s antics.  She never did tell Sushi off but instead she started to retreat into herself – she became quieter and sulked. (Sounds familiar?)

Then one day Sushi had a parasitic infection and ended up in the animal hospital for several days. During the days when Sushi was in the hospital, Ming Ming slept at Sushi’s favourite corner of the house.  She got a lot more attached to Sushi than she wanted to let on.

Well, Ming Ming was getting on in years and three years ago, she passed away. And just as Ming Ming did, Sushi slept where Ming Ming did for the rest of her life – till the day she died.

Praewa was sharing this to let Mummy know that we all learn to adapt. And actually we let others into our lives – and without knowing it, they become very much a part of us.

I still have issues with George sometimes and he with me – he gets terribly jealous when Mummy gives me hugs – he wants them too – but he gets tons more than I do these days. IMG_9161And especially with Praewa and Arsh, he gets terribly territorial.  They are HIS godparents and I am not allowed to have any attention from them.IMG_9168So whenever they pay me any attention, he gets aggressive with me. Tsk! Tsk! Not a good idea Georgie Porgie.  You can still end up somewhere else if you’re not nice.IMG_9166But aside from these occasional outbursts, we know we are in each other’s lives and in a few months I may start missing him when he goes away.

May’s comment: Praewa was sharing this to let me know that even though Darcy could be sulky sometimes with bouncy George who gets all the attention, they are slowly but surely building a bond. The dynamics of mine and Darcy’s relationships have changed but it was necessary. In turn, Darcy has a new friend who has woken her up from slumber when at home.  George makes her play every morning and every afternoon. Together they walk the neighbourhood and they keep each other company at home when I leave them at home.  Darcy would sit by the door to wait for me while George sits under my desk.

George loves Darcy and always happy to see her each time he comes home. Darcy thinks of him as an annoying younger brother.

George wants all the attention while Darcy looks on with “whatever” looks. She doesn’t want any part of it, but when I ask her to come for a hug, she does. And that’s when George gets jealous of Darcy.

Darcy always had all the attention but now George would take command of each situation and charms everyone along the way.

Having two is sometimes planned and sometimes accidental. Mine was definitely an unplanned blessing. And just thankful that these two monkeys have added a new dimension to my life.


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  1. Jocelyn

    Although George is very lovable..Darcy is your number one girl and always will be, she is special it is in her breed, I know because of the way she responds is very much like Lucca, they hv this way of getting to your heart.I hv always had dogs and they were all my loves, but Lucca just gets to me like no other!!!!!

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