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If by any chance you have a dog and Mummy is working on your project, your dog will definitely be incorporated into the task at hand! LOL!That’s what happened to Jessie.When Mummy met Jessie’s mummy, they quickly discovered that we were both from the same breeder – what a coincidence!

Jessie lived in Oxfordshire until recently when she moved to the big city.  She’s still getting used to city living.As there’s so much to do, our respective hoomans had less and less time to spend with us – so guess what happened. Jessie’s now walking with our dog walker! I’m showing her the ropes of how to be a part of the group.But Jessie needs an Equafleece to really be one of us!  It’s on order!

She tried on one for the first time but she wasn’t sure how to walk in it!!!!

She sat in protest – she didn’t think it was very funny.Jessie, you will soon get used to it. It’s a part of our lives and just makes it easier for the hoomans especially when you like puddles!

The first time Jessie was left with us when her mummy went to get us some hot chocolate on our park walk, she wasn’t happy.

Only a week later, after she knows she’s a part of our circle, what a big difference. When she stayed in the car with Mummy, she remained very calm and did what we all do when our hoomans leave us – we stare with single focus at where our hooman had disappeared and stay intensely focused till they reappear.

Without doubt, Jessie has become a part of our circle of friends. :).It comes with the package if Mummy is working on any project with doggies – they are a part of it!

May’s comment: When a potential new client came to visit one of my recent projects, she met Darcy. Long story short, she has a cockapoo named Jessie – and as it turned out, both Darcy and Jessie came from the same breeder! Do dogs just bring people together in more ways than one?!?!?!

I did get the job and it was not because Darcy and Jessie could be related (LOL!) But as I got to know my client, I can say the dogs gave us a lot more things to talk about than just electrics, tiles or paint colours.

But it was completely helpful for my client that I am so dog-centric.  When she voiced her concern about being able to wash Jessie after walks in the parks, we both agreed how a large sink in the utility room must fit into the scheme of things. And the faucet must have a removable hose. There will be a bench at the lower ground entrance where there will be hooks for Jessie’s leads, and baskets to keep her Equafleeces – still to be ordered!!! And the floor to be tiled for muddy shoes and paws.  Jessie isn’t used to having a wee on concrete (she’s new to city living) we have designed the back garden where there will be a patch of fake grass for her morning and evening needs. And an extra porch door designed to keep Jessie inside so she doesn’t run out the front door and straight onto the road.  We dog owners know that all these things are very important in interior designing for a dog! Whenever my client tells the architect or contractor these requirements, you can see the look on their faces were one of dumbfound silence. It’s for the dog, she says and their faces remain deadpanned. LOL!

We have ended up going for walks on weekends – which made it more fun to continue to talk about ideas and boring details like electrical plans.  Now that Jessie is being incorporated into our lives – and long after the project is finished, I have a feeling we will be friends because of Jessie.



  1. Liz Burman

    Oh bless her, she’s gorgeous. Miss D you and Jessie look so much alike!

  2. Charlotte

    Do you also have an interiors blog or instagram? I love following the doggy adventures but I would also adore to see your projects as the shots in your home are always so beautiful!

  3. Christine

    Hi is miss D and Jessie caverpoos they look so much like my Alfie, how old is your dog?

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Christine, D and J are cockapoos! They all look the same, don’t they? There’s a Daisy down the road and she’s a cavapoo but as tall as Darcy! And we know another cavapoo that’s bigger than her! Darcy is now 6!

  4. Margaret Danks

    They are so alike May, and good on MissDarcy for showing Jessie how to cope with city living. I think all the ‘poo’ crosses look very similar. Maggiedog is a poogle, which is a beagle/ poodle cross but she looks so much like a cockapoo.

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