Poodle Parlour + Film Crew = Cupcakes!!!

Now this is what I call a dog grooming party! We love getting our dogs groomed because I can tell the dogs feel better after. Every place I take them to I make sure they have the best equipment and service because the dogs only deserve the best. I check they have the best dog nail grinder, best shampoo, etc. I made a good choice on this one, they had cupcakes and all! It was the usual …Marley beforeMarley afterBear beforeBear during – wearing ear-muffs Bear – almost finished, needing just a little reassurance from mummy.Bear after. He did really well this time. He’s still short from his last groom so no matts and he was a lot more comfortable with his experience.

My turn next.

What’s with the ear muffler?And voila! Me, all fluffed up. Mummy’s relieved to see me all clean again. Grooming Day translates into Cuddles Night!Churchill getting a wash-n-fluff – Yay! He’s been cut short too as he was all matted before.

Poor little Jaffa – trying to hide in a corner knowing what was about to happen. But there was no escape and after her turn was over and done, she went back to bed and decided to sit by herself and ignore the rest of the party.Georgie’s turn – and he’s the best!For a rescue dog, or maybe because he’s a rescue dog, he LOVES being washed, pampered, brushed, groomed – he just loves all the attention.That’s us three – Jaffa, George and me – all smelling fresh and clean.

Now, you know, Jessie who has recently joined us – and now a part of our group?Of course she’s now a part of our grooming party.She’s all clipped and clean! Yay! Jessie, you’re starting to look even more like me now that we have the same hair cut.

Next up is one of our neighbours, Lyra.Her Mummy was really worried that she would be crying and shaking – apparently she didn’t like her first big groom. And he mummy was really annoyed that they had cut her lovely ears yay short!!!But she surprised all of us and was so good that her grooming took a lot shorter than expected.Here’s the new Lyra!Now, during the all-day grooming party, we had cupcakes from Barkers at Muswell Hill (again!) for us – for being good.Actually, it was a gift from the film crew who was at our home the whole day filming the grooming partyI had to pose for the camera.

George saw that I was getting all the attention so he decided to make friends with the film crew, He even begged to have a role in it So they obliged …George did well sitting and posing for the camera. He has learnt well. Good boy, George!

Right, we’re ready for CUDDLES!

May’s comment: All-day home grooming is not only tiring but the kitchen is covered with a dust of poo hair! And while the regulars can be trusted never to commit any crime, whenever new ones come they end up doing a wee – ALWAYS on my bedroom carpet (should have closed the door) or on the silk rug in the living room. Aaaugh! This time one of them pee’d not just on the silk rug but on the leg of an antique Chinese Scholar chair which was on the silk rug – and there can only be ONE culprit and that’s Churchill because he was the only boy besides George – who would never do anything like that (any more). And Marley never left his mummy’s sight. Later when all was gone, I stepped on a wet patch in the bedroom. I can only guess who that might be by process of elimination. Think its time to get a puppy gate for the next groom.

Alongside the constant flow of dogs we also had an all-day shoot. There was a film crew covering the grooming party. Look at the spread of cupcakes they brought for the doggies!

They’re filming for a mini-TV series – hope we make the cut!


  1. Pia

    May, which groomer do you use to groom your gorgeous dogs? Have just moved here and looking for a good groomer for my cavapoochon puppy. Thank you

  2. Cheryl

    They all look wonderful! Wish they could stay that way a bit longer!

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    You doggies all look very smart, now you’re all clean and fluffed! What’s the name of the mini series. We get quite a lot of British made programmes in Oz, so I could look out for it, especially if you have starring roles!!

  4. Martine and Rusty

    So cute! Rusty needs to join one day! He’s at camp having fun whilst we’re away. Lots of woofs xx

  5. Alison Mullett

    Everyone looks dapper! But poor May, grooming parties are exhausting for you!

  6. Daniel Hall

    So what is the shoot about and when will it be shown and where? Can we see it in the U.S.?

    • Miss Darcy

      It’s a new mini series that is planned to be aired later in the year – and we don’t know what it is called.

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