All aboard!

We are sailing, we are sailing …

The bus that picked us up at the hotel dropped us and a bunch of other passengers at the Hurtigruten Terminal.  We all queued up to check in.Thankfully, they offered to deliver luggages to our cabins, and we went to board with manageable pieces of bags.We had to watch a 5 minute briefing video on emergencies before boarding.Then we walked a much shorter ramp onto the ship than we did for the other ferry we took last week.George was still nervous about the different floor surfaces and Mummy had to carry him. But once on board – he was fine.So this is the ferry we’re in – MV Nordnorge.

There are only two dog-friendly cabins – both on Level 2 – which is the same as the car-deck. You see, they are mainly for locals who travel with their dogs.  These cabins do not have carpets – which suits us well.Mummy did a little rearranging – and it is absolutely fine for one person – A HUGE wheelie bag and two small dogs. Just not sure where Mummy will be sleeping.

Mummy left us in the cabin as she went for dinner, and then she came back to get us – for our last walk. The ferry didn’t start sailing till 22.30 – and we boarded at 18.00. Every time we left the ferry, we had to check out and then check back in – this way they can keep count of passengers. The ferry carries about 300 passengers including the 60 crew members. We know because they told Mummy in a briefing that if anything happened the two boats could take all passengers on board – and each of them can take 150 each. And Mummy took note that should we need to evacuate the ferry, the hoomans have a special gear they put on – and there are some for babies/toddlers and she noted how to use those for us! 🙂

So we’re going back on board and getting ready to sail –P.s. George doesn’t like ramps, we gathered. So he’s in Mummy’s arm while she took this photo of me.

May’s comment: We have (excellent) wi-fi on board – Yay!

Everything everyone had told us about the Hurtigruten cruise is proving to be right.  On the first evening, it was free seating for dinner – and what a feast in a very nice dining room. No dogs allowed – of course.But we were forewarned – passengers tend to gain 4-6kg per journey!!! So the thought of having to return to my dogs probably will save me from gorging through the dining time. LOL!

There are lots of excursions and lectures each day.  I wasn’t planning on going on any of the excursions – especially not the husky rides, besides having already done one in Svalbad, I can give this a miss – and they are pricey – it would not even be a good idea to “introduce” D & G to the pack of huskies! LOL!  Anyway, I thought to ask the Excursion Team and their response – “We’ve never been asked that question. You have a dog? Two dogs?!?!?! Where are you getting off? Kirkenes and back – for 11 days?” Yes. LOL!  But looking forward to making Christmas decorations for the ferry’s own Christmas Tree!

As for the Northern Lights – they are always there, it just depends if the skies are clear enough to see them.  So far rain and snow seems to dominate the early days of this cruise.  This is also a Northern Light promise – so if we don’t see it, I am guaranteed a cruise to catch it – on my own. LOL!  But we will have at least two of the three things I came for – Polar Nights – in about two days, we will not see the sun! And a White Christmas – might even be snowing on Christmas Eve in Tromso!

What does one have to plan for:

  • Toilet times for pooches. They have a Voyage Schedule of all the stops – need to take note of times to get off – sometime for just 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s for a whole day. George no problem. Darcy’s a bit fussy where she pees!!! So 15 minutes – take it or leave it!
  • They are confined to the cabins – (at least they sleep with me), so it is important to get off whenever we can.  And everyday they stop in one town for long periods – we can go and explore the town on foot – but again, no dogs in restaurants – but we eat on board anyway.

And so we begin our Nordic adventure …


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    So exciting! Enjoy!!

  2. You are a brave person. I can’t imagine doing this travel with Lillie. I do so enjoy reading Darcy’s posts.

  3. Maree

    How wonderful enjoy.

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