And who might that be??!!

WHOA! You’re showing us these photos, Mummy? You mean to tell us that you abandoned us on the ship while you went to meet some huskies?!?!?! That’s unacceptable!Why are they all out in the cold anyway – with no clothes on them?And chained, and standing on their own kennel?And who is this then?

May’s comment: And this is Marshall – and we were at The Snow Hotel Husky Dog Sledding. Most of the huskies were out pulling sleds – these were ones remaining. They probably had a busy morning and they’re now resting till it’s their turn.

They’re all very friendly, except for the excitement of being one of the packs. I was drawn to Marshall – as he sat there, just being chilled.I went today hello – and he stood up.He started sniffing me – could probably smell the strange scents of city dogs!But he was equally curious about my furry hat! LOL!And the dog sleds then came charging back to base.With about six sleds back at base, the sound of huskies barking and howling – was great commotion!Those were all the grown ones – but there were also three puppies just a few weeks old!Our guide was telling us about them – very naughty, nippy pups – he was holding one while the other two were nipping at his trousers –Under the watchful eye of their trainer!
Love his husky hat! LOL! I suppose he was starting to feel like one of them.

They use Alaskan Huskies – a crossbreed, bred for their running speed and strength. Also a lot less expensive.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my trip – meeting huskies!  Everything so far has been so organised and catered to the tourist trade – all beautifully and tastefully done. When I went on a dog husky sleigh ride when in Svalbard, everything was a bit more rugged and the landscape a bit wilder – and maybe more a sense of adventure. I guess after having done that, these rides are mild in comparison.

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