Crossing 66°33′ North

We were woken up by an announcement – the ferry was about to cross the Arctic Circle at 66°33′ north. 

Mummy jumped out of bed, got dressed and ran up to Deck 7 to catch the moment – they sounded the horn and to take a photo of the globe on Vikingen Island.They said it was a tradition to drink champagne when one crosses the Arctic Circle. But at 07.10 – a tad early for Mummy.

It was 9.15 when we left the ferry for our morning walk – we’ve had bad tummies because we ate foods that were probably too rich. We were very happy to go out. George of course couldn’t hold it. 🙁

The fjords are a lot more present – and just beautiful – said Mummy.We looked at them from the cabin pot holes. At 10.30 – Mummy joined the rest for a Polar Circle CeremonyAnd were baptised by the King of the Sea – basically ice water down the back of Mummy’s shirt. And then to make up for all of that – something smooth! 🙂We are about to experience Polar Nights as we sail further north …

We got off at Bodo to play in the snow!Making footprints in the freshly fallen snowPlaying in the Arctic snow!

Er, what’s all that stuff on my face?Help!Are you doing a facial? asked George.No, nitwit.  It’s snow stuck on my face!

To finish up the whole Arctic Circle crossing, “Postman Pat” came along to stamp postcards for the day of our crossing! We sent a postcard to Little Tyke and Mini Tyke. And we sent one to Mummy! 🙂

May’s comment: Very well commercialised. 🙂 But what the heck! For the fun of it.  I’ve flown across the Arctic Circle but never crossed it by sea so I guess this is a first.

It’s definitely colder and much, much shorter days. Just one hour of daylight today.

Doggies tummy not doing well. Thought some salmon and pork would do nicely but alas – not!


  1. Cheryl

    What a fun day! Darcy certainly enjoys the snow!
    One hour of daylight, that’s really short. I guess they make up for it in the summer when it’s almost always daylight.
    I hope Darcy and Georgevfeel better soon.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    What fun! Not sure about the cold water,down the back of the neck though!! Darcy really seems to love getting snow all over her face. Have a happy Christmas the three of you.??

  3. Miami Malteses

    OMG! Now we know Mummy is truly bonkers! But looks like fun! Pork is not good for doggie tummies so stay away from it! Salmon is excellent but only poached or plain grilled.If you can please get them some white rice and plain boiled or grilled chicken to settle their tummies. Merry Christmas!

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