More Paddingtons along Oxford Street

After Selfridges, they walked along Oxford Street – lots of big buses that George is no longer afraid of. He used to stop dead in his tracks when he saw big trucks and buses. Now he knows how to get on one by himself. 🙂IMG_9273The next Paddington they saw Bear Humbug by Ant and Dec IMG_9283 This time George was not posing because he was distracted by pigeons! Lots of pigeons!IMG_9284 He jumped off the pedestal and chased them. Mummy was hobbling after him, shouting at him to “come back, George!” But to no avail!  Finally someone stepped on his lead.IMG_9285If you look closely at this photo, you will see a feather stuck to George’s chin!!!IMG_9281No he didn’t get any – probably just from sniffing all over the place.

Further along, they came across Sparkles by Frankie BridgeIMG_9269Ahhh, George! You’re looking at the camera! You might just be getting the hang of this.

May’s comment: If not for knee, probably could have found at least three more but was too tired to carry on. That was our 7th and 8th Paddingtons so far – a lot more to go!

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