See ya later! Don’t follow us!

We woke up this morning with a sense of anticipation – Mummy’s luggage is out and what does it mean?IMG_2381We watched her every move …IMG_2380We followed her to the bathroom …IMG_2487And then the door bell rang.  OMG!!! It’s the driver from House of Mutt!

We couldn’t wait to get going. Well, at least I know where I was going but I don’t think George knows.

Mummy, why are you following us? Go back! Go back!

C’mon let’s go!!!IMG_2489 George wasn’t quite sure of all the smells …IMG_2491Nor where we’re going – “Mummy, are we going somewhere? Are you coming with us?”IMG_2493While I was sitting firmly in the seat.  After George was ushered back into the seat, I looked at Mummy – “Surely, you’re not coming with us.”IMG_2494 No, Miss D. It’s your holiday!

And off we went.IMG_2495

May’s comment: Going to Charleston, SC for a long weekend … so sending them off to House of Mutt for a much needed break.  Always the night before I hug them more and hold them close when we go to bed. In the morning, I seem to linger on everything I do with them, taking in every minute we’re spending together.  And then when Darcy realises where she’s going, she gets so excited.  The only time she ever barks at me is when she sees me following them to the car. It is as if she doesn’t want me to go with her – this is her holiday and she knows where she’s going will be lots of running, getting wet and muddy and no Mummy telling her what to do.

George doesn’t really know what’s happening.  And he’s unsure but once there, he will have the best time.

This is what makes going away so much easier.



  1. Jill Keiser

    Have fun in Charleston! Haven’t been there in a few years! It is sweltering in the Carolinas theses days. Get ready for some hot, hot weather!

  2. Neyra

    Safe travels, May

  3. Sheila

    Visiting North Carolina now, enjoy ! Charleston is so pretty and fun!

  4. Wendeline

    Darcy, have fun. Can’t wait to see your Mummy

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