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Fashion Faux Pas!

Seriously?!?! Read more…

I don’t feel like it

I am not loving wearing my jumpers any more and I refuse to go out in them. Read more…

Verdict: Shave!

Even though Mummy tried to salvage what she could so I need not have to cut off my blond curls, the groomers at Harrods Pet Spa told us that I was way too matted. That it would be quite a painful process for me to have to be de-matted. That my hair also grow a lot better and will look healthier after I do.  Read more…

Lesson Learnt

Well we now know that I should not be out in the rain and running in my Equafleece for long periods. Read more…

I am not sure about this

As the weather starts to change, the rain makes every walk a bit of a chore. First, I do not like walking in the rain. And even when it stops, it means I just get very mucky. Read more…

It’s November

Windy, rainy and cold with falling leaves and bursts of sunshine. Read more…

Oui! Je suis partie française

Yes, dahling, I know it is London Fashion Week but I was recently in Paree! Read more…

The Darcy Collar by Alice Foxx


It even comes with it’s own duster bag.

I have a new collar and leash from Alice Foxx Read more…

A Dogue’s World

It’s London Fashion Week and I’m doing my part.

Here’s me modelling for a new line of dog collars and accessories Read more…

Meet Alice Foxx

Alice is a wired fox terrier and very much a terrier – full of personality!

I met Alice at a photo shoot about a month ago.   Read more…

Rain, rain go away!

Rain, rain, rain.  I had to put on my raincoat just so I don’t get totally drenched. Read more…

My First Christmas

Our first Christmas was spent in Dusseldorf with the Eggerts.

IMG_1727 Read more…

Queen for the day

Last Summer we were busy celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. I got to go to the Big Lunch at Bluebird with Mummy and Marion. Read more…

  • The HoodieHooded sweatshirt from Verve
  • First raincoatFirst raincoat - with Reflector strips and "Burberry tartan" from Togs for Dogs
  • The Barbour LookWaxed coat - the Barbour look with my poppy from Earth Bound
  • IMG_1678Mummy's favourite jumper - hunter green by FabDog
  • Raincoat from NYTartan raincoat from Canine Styles - bought in NYC
  • The Bomber JacketPink bomber jacket from Verve
  • Christmas jumperChristmas Jumper from FabDog
  • Another red raincoatA red raincoat from Aunty Be a!
  • IMG_2817Chelsea FC scarf - when Chelsea won the FA Cup in 2012
  • IMG_2692Chelsea FC cap - Mummy's a fan
  • 581331_10150939061918970_225688179_nCardiff FC scarf from Aunty Viv

My Wardrobe

I’ve acquired quite a collection.

It’s not because it is fashionable or to keep me warm because my fur keeps me plenty shielded from the cold.  The waterproof coats or the jumpers just keep me from getting altogether mucky.

Here are some of my wardrobe – I have a few others, not yet photographed.